Blackberry Etiquette, Pt II…

The debate over “Blackberry etiquette” in meetings has gotten quite a bit of ink since last week’s post….There were  a number of very interesting takes in the blogosphere, some of which I’m going to share this week.

Some of my favorites:

Your Mind on Media – there are some interesting takes here, not only on whether or not to “Blackberry” during a meeting, but also on some interesting programs companies like Intel are implementing to try and stem the tide of digital overload

ValleyPR Blog – this is one of the most honest posts I’ve read in a long time, and the author, Charlotte Risch, should be commended for her honesty.  Great post, and well worth reading.

Dealbreaker — Interesting take, to say the least.  Little tidbit of info – Wells Fargo issues $100 fines for looking at a Blackberry or handheld during a meeting! 

The Globe and Mail even reference a study where 20% of American employees have been reprimanded for bad behaviour with a wireless device.

Over at The Agitator, they question why there is a debate at all: “Count me among those who find it irritating when someone checks their Blackberry as you’re talking to them. Not sure why there would be “debate” over whether or not this is rude.”

My favorite quote of the day comes from CityFile NY, when discussing using a Blackberry during a face to face encounter, ” …In other words, you should only give the impression the person talking to you is irrelevant and boring if it’s not a big deal that they know you think they’re irrelevant and boring.”

Even Seinfeld got into it, joking about Blackberry use on Conan’s show.

Bottom line — using a Blackberry, or any handheld, while someone is talking to you sends a message you probably don’t mean to send, and people notice.  

There are times when you are in a meeting or a conference and you need to respond to an email (or talk to someone via cell phone) — the best thing to do is to simply excuse yourself.  If you are interviewing for a position, leave the device in your briefcase or pocket (on silent). 

People (and Corporations) are starting to notice.

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